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Tax Preparation

Whether you have a W-2 job, work for yourself or are joyfully retired, preparing your own tax returns can be a daunting task.  Having a professional as part of your team can help throughout the year.  We will lead you through the process, getting to understand your situation and providing the resources for you to know your returns are prepared saving you as much money as possible.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an important component of your overall financial plan. It involves several variables that include the timing of income, purchases, investments, sales, retirement assets, deductions and many other moving parts.  We find that it is always better to create a plan ahead of time rather than after the transaction. Let us analyze your financial situation in real-time and formulate a tax-efficient plan that is in alignment with your financial goals.

Tax Center

  • Get started with your taxes
  • Track the progress of your returns
  • Retrieve past tax filings
  • Securely communicate with our tax team

When should you contact our tax advisors?

  • Change in life situation (marriage, moving, new job, retirement, marital separation agreement payments)
  • Sale or purchase of a residence, vacation home, business, or partnership interest, valuable artwork or a hobby collection
  • Sale of certain employer stock or exercising options, or sales of stock and property that was inherited or received as a gift
  • Make or want to make gifts during the year


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